1993, 6 min. colour, sound, 16mm

- The soundtrack for this film is based around a real-time recording of journey on the subway in Prague, where I was living at the time.
In the editing I made the sound of the closing doors coincide with the disappearance of the object on the screen.
With this I was trying to connect the constructed time of the animation, to the real-time of this every-day event. ILH

'Talking to a Stone uses cinema's dimension of time to explore decay in an urban landscape, accelerating the destruction around us through invisible human intervention. Everyday objects move from the weight of reality and become fragile, and we witness their extinction through frame-by-frame manipulation.
Hansen uses cinema to take sculpture into the realm of time, where space and form can be manipulated into patterns, returning as Sisyphus to the beginning.
Laura Hudson, LFMC. Lux catalogue