2009 16mm film 5 min

Inger Lise Hansen (filmmaker) shot her film in February 2009 above the roofs of Linz with an "inverse" perspective. The super-16mm camera placed upside down was moved centimeter for centimeter from shot to shot. This "stop-motion" technique imbues weather, light and shadow with an unimagined presence.
The upside down view across the roofs causes the viewer to lose orientation and conveys a sense of floating at the same time. The filmed sequences recall science fiction films like Star Wars or the cult series Star Trek. The viewers are confronted with unfamiliar phenomena and manifestations, although it is only the surface of the roof of a shopping centre. Hansens film does not beam the viewer into a different world but instead shows how fictional the real world can be.

Paulo Bianchi, Curator
“Hoehenrausch/Thrill of the Hights “
Exhibition at OK Center of Contemporary Art Linz,
A project for European City of Culture 09

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